Ever since I started, I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy programming and now want to take it on as a career goal and not just a hobby. My love for games started with hand-me-down consoles, my favourite being the SNES, spending countless hours playing my all-time favourite  Zelda: Link To The Past. I have a passion to create games and I want to give people the same, enjoyable escape I grew up with.


I first started my passion for games using PyGame and Scratch. I then continued onto creating mods and tools for games such as Minecraft and Starbound. This led me to study Computer Science and then Games Development at Falmouth University as I could follow this passion into a career.


Something I pride myself in is my strong perseverance when it comes to learning something new. I enjoy the challenge that comes with solving problems and often offer a unique but efficient approach. 


In my free time, I partake in Game Jams. I enjoy being able to funnel my creativity into rapid prototyping and working with talented people in multidisciplinary teams. I also spend a lot of time following the indie games community on Twitter, for example, #screenshotsaturday and getting stuck in with the game dev community in a similar way. 


My favourite type of game is couch co-op. The chance to surround myself with friends and compete in Smash or work together Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is one I take as frequently as possible. I believe games are about connections and nothing beats being with people in the same room, loving the same thing. 

Chris Bowler Programmer

Hey, I'm Chris

Hey, I'm Chris

a Games Programmer and graduate of BA Hons in Games Development at Falmouth University. 

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Mobile physics-based platformer

Falmouth University 2019



Quirky 3D Puzzle Platformer

Falmouth University 2020

Personal Projects


Bowler's night Out

Entry for the Global Game Jam 2019


Theme: What does home mean to you?

Jamfuser Leap


Entry for Jamfuser 2020

Theme: Leap


Better Call Paul

Entry for the Global Game Jam 2020


Theme: Repair

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Piranha plant controller


Current Personal Project




Personal Statement

A passionate and driven programmer who enjoys gameplay programming as well as creating my own systems. I have always strived to become a better game developer, always curious about what's next. 

I believe collaboration is key to any strong game development process.

Something I pride myself in is my strong perseverance when it comes to learning something new. I enjoy the challenge that comes with solving problems and offer a unique but efficient approach. 

I specialise in Unity, having two published games on the Google Play Store as well as Itch.IO, creating unique character controllers so the player can have a new but welcoming experience when they play.

I am always looking to improve and further my skills, welcoming any challenge that comes my way and adapting to fill any gaps in my knowledge which is a reason I participate in Game Jams whenever I can. 

I am looking for an entry-level job as a games programmer preferably in the UK.



  • BA(Hons) - Games Development

  • Programming Route


  • Falmouth University

  • Graduated 2020 - 2:1



  • C#

  • HTML & CSS

  • Analytics for games.

  • Agile Methodologies

  • Problem-solving

  • Strong communication

  • Inter-disciplinary understanding

  • Data-driven design

  • Mobile applications



  • Unity

  • Visual Studio

  • Github

  • TortoiseGit

  • TortoiseSVN

  • Office Suite

  • Slack

  • Trello

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Chris Bowler

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