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Piranha Plant - Super Smash / Ori Inspired controller (UNFINISHED / IN DEVELOPMENT)

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I wanted to put my game development and game programming skills to the test development a 2D platformer that smooth and enjoyable to transverse.

Focusing on the big Cs of gameplay programming:

- Camera

- Controls

- Character

I will create:

- A camera system that dynamically moves and tracks the action no matter how fast the player is going.

- Intuitive and responsive controls.

- A character controller inspired by my favourite character in Super Smash Bros, Piranha Plant.


The Camera System:

I aim to create a camera system which:

- Follows the player smoothly.

- Has a base speed and acceleration when following the player.

- Catches up to the player if the player is moving too fast.

- Zooms out to camera all the action.

- Able to put limits on the Y-axis so the player can leave the screen.

The Control Scheme:

I aim to create:

- Simple intuitive controls

- Limit to mouse and keyboard.

The Character Controller:

- 2D Side-Scrolling basic movement

- Jump

- Swing using neck

- Boost in air

- Limited movement whilst in air


The first thing I developed was the player swing.

The way I do this is shooting the head of the piranha plant at a location and building hinge joints at set intervals from the head to the player to create the neck (rope).

Using A and D to add force in either direction, the player can swing around the environment.

Separating the inputs and physics in the update and fixed update functions.


In the meantime: enjoy some early development videos.

Level Design

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